21+ Passive Voice Examples

21+ Passive Voice Sentences Example

It’s easy to spot a mistake in someone else’s writing, but what about your own? You may not even realize you’re making common grammar mistakes. One of the most common errors is using the passive voice.

English can be difficult to learn, and many grammar rules can initially seem confusing. One of the most challenging aspects of English grammar is understanding when to use the passive voice. This tutorial will provide an example of the passive voice to help you understand it better.

How to identify the passive voice in a sentence?

The easiest way to identify the passive voice in a sentence is to look for the word “by.” If the word “by” is present, the sentence is likely in passive voice. For example, “The lamp was knocked over by a gust of wind.” In this sentence, the subject (lamp) is being acted upon (knocked over) by the object (gust of wind).

Another way to identify passive voice is to look for a sentence that doesn’t have a clear subject. For example, “Mistakes were made.” It’s unclear who made the mistakes, so this is likely a sentence in passive voice.

What Are The Passive Voice Examples?

Passive voice happens when the subject of a sentence is acted upon by the verb. Here are 21+ examples of Passive Voice Sentences to make your understanding better. Read the difference between passive voice and active voice.

  1. The lamp was knocked over by a gust of wind.
  2. The vase shattered when it was dropped.
  3. Dinner is being cooked by my mom.
  4. My car was hit by a truck.
  5. A new house is being built on my street.
  6. My dog was run over by a car.
  7. My purse was stolen yesterday.
  8. A glass was broken by somebody.
  9. Mail is being delivered to my house right now.
  10. The window was smashed by a rock.
  11. A noise awoke me from my sleep.
  12. My bike was ridden by me to school today.
  13. Two dozen eggs were eaten by him last week
  14. The grass needs to be cut by us.
  15. The cat was sleeping on the mat.
  16. The note was left on the table by John.
  17. A new product will be launched next month by our company.
  18. The store is being renovated at the moment.
  19. The delivery will be made tomorrow afternoon by UPS.
  20. An error has been made in your order by our team.
  21. Several complaints have been received about this issue by customers.
  22. Can you please have this report finished and sent to me by close of business?
  23. The conference rooms need to be booked in advance by employees who wish to use them.

Wrap Up

As you can see from these examples, passive voice often makes sentences sound complicated and convoluted. In most cases, it is best to use active voice, as it is simpler and easier to understand. Do you have any other examples of passive voice? Let us know in the comments!

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