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What Is a Passive to Active Voice Translator?

A passive to active voice translator is a tool designed to convert sentences from passive voice to active voice. Passive voice is a grammatical structure in which the subject of a sentence is acted upon by the verb, while in active voice, the subject performs the action of the verb.

For example, consider the following sentence in passive voice: “The book was written by John.” In this sentence, the book is the subject, but it is not performing the action of writing. Instead, John is performing the action of writing, but he is not the subject of the sentence.

Just like other online grammar correction tools, this passive to active voice converter will help you get your tone right and will polish your whole document to have the correct meaning than you originally intended.

This converter is free and easy to use. It will correct all the grammatical errors in your work and increase the clarity and readability of your work. Learn the difference between Active Voice and Passive Voice to know more about it.

Passive Voice Converter
Passive to active voice

About Passive Voice Converter Tool

The passive to active voice converter is an online platform where you can get your document corrected and improve your writing clarity.

In addition to that, this tool detects passive voice sentences and suggests the desired corrections in your writing.

The correction of documents is done automatically with the help of predefined software-based linguistic algorithms and grammatical rules.

Using this free online tool to check the tone of your work has become a trend in all writing domains.

This makes your writing to become more attractive and professional. Consequently, using this tool also offers various advantages such as grammar correction, punctuation, vocabulary, punctuation and improves accuracy.

What is Passive to Active Voice Converter?

This is an online tool that helps you make your writing awesome and have a great user experience. The main features of a passive to active voice converter are that the platform should be easy to use, increase readability and give instant results. In other words, this online tool makes your writing more professional and makes your document easy to understand.

Also, this tool has made it possible for everyone to use it since it is free and easy to navigate. Furthermore, this is a platform that you can use and get instant results without getting help from anyone else. After you have completed writing your document, you want to see if the grammar, tone, and punctuation are correct. You should copy and paste the paper to the passive to active voice converter online platform, and the converter will tell you where to correct, the grammar to use, and where to add punctuation marks.

How to Use

Using this online tool is very easy. The easiest way is to copy your document and paste it on this platform.

  • The errors will be detected and all the passive voices will be underlined. In addition to that, the correct voice, or tone to use is always given as a suggestion, making it even much easier to correct a document to perfection.
  • There are people who can easily identify where they have used passive voices in their writing and correct it accordingly.
  • To identify a passive voice, you first need to understand the subject in the sentence that you have. For instance, if your sentence is “my night was ruined by a headache”, then the headache is the subject here.
  • To change this statement from passive to active voice, you need to rewrite it with the subject, followed by the verb.
  • You can simply correct this statement by rewriting it as “the headache ruined my night”. Changing a passive voice to an active voice can be as easy as that.
  • However, doing this manually does not guarantee correcting everything. This is where our passive to active voice converter comes in.
Passive Voice Detector
Step 1 - Passive Voice Converter

Copy and paste the Text

Copy the whole of your document, then paste it on this online converter, and you will see which sentences you need to correct.

The advantage of using this platform is that you can choose to either copy or paste the text or upload the document directly to check for passive voice mistakes.

Detection of Errors

This is the second step that is involved in converting passive to active voice. This process is triggered by clicking a button or striking the return button on the computer.

Then automatically, the process of detecting passive voices starts. There are grammatical rules in the background of this platform that helps you to check for errors automatically.

Once the error is detected, it is underlined differently to help you know where to make corrections.

Step 2 - Passive Voice Converter
Step 3 - Passive Voice Converter

Check the Corrective Suggestions

This online tool automatically gives you the correct suggestions of the word or sentence that you want to change. All you need to do is click the underlined word or sentence, and the correction will be automatically made to your document.

You should read the suggestions you have been given to confirm if it is related to the word you were looking for.

Why use the passive to active voice converter?

There are several reasons why one might choose to use a passive to active voice converter tool:

  1. Improve Clarity: Passive voice can often make a sentence or passage harder to understand or follow. Converting a sentence from passive to active voice can help make the subject of the sentence clearer and easier to identify.

  2. Highlight the Doer: Active voice emphasizes the person or thing performing the action, making it clearer who is responsible for what is happening. This can help to convey a stronger sense of agency and responsibility, and can also help to make the writing more engaging.

  3. Make Writing More Concise: Passive voice often requires the use of additional words to convey the same message as a sentence in active voice. By converting passive sentences to active ones, unnecessary words can be removed, making the writing more concise and streamlined.

  4. Meet Writing Style Requirements: Some writing styles or guidelines, such as those used in scientific or academic writing, require the use of active voice. In these cases, a passive to active voice converter can be a valuable tool to ensure that writing adheres to the required style.

Overall, using a passive to active voice converter tool can help to improve the clarity, concision, and overall effectiveness of writing.


We have spent so much time building this platform to ensure that users have an outstanding experience. Also, your feedback has enabled us to do better and ensure that all users of this platform have a fantastic experience that will make them want to use this site again. Some of the features of passive to active voice converter include the following;

It has a tone detector

Different writing styles have different tones. When writing, you want to make sure that you have used the right tone in your work and have conveyed the right message. This passive to active voice converter will determine the tone that you have used in your writing and helps you to be confident that the tone is coming out the way you wanted. This online editor will tell you if your tone is friendly, confident, or is formal, among others.


You have to be consistent in your writing for the readers to enjoy reading the piece of work that you have. For instance, ‘ok’ and ‘okay’ are terms that mean the same thing. When writing, it is not bad to switch from one of the terms to the other. The only challenge is that readers will find this switch to be a bit sloppy and boring. Consistently using ‘okay’ in your piece of work makes your work look professional.

Improves Clarity and Readability

It can be hard to follow a grammatically correct sentence. This is because for you to put your ideas into paper, you already know and think that your sentence is grammatically correct. However, with the help of this software, you will be able to tell your sentence structure, and the suggestions that are given also make your writing clear and easy to read.

Therefore, if you want to improve in your writing by ensuring that your readers enjoy reading your piece of work and the message you are communicating is clear, then this is the best free online converter tool for you.  

Therefore, the above three are some of the features of this online platform that you get to enjoy when correcting your document.

Ensuring that your document has the right tone, and is passing the message which you intended requires you to use this passive to active voice converter. This tool helps you to convey your message the right way.   


Some of the pros of the passive to active voice converter include the following.

  • It is swift and efficient.
  • Offers instant results.
  • Easy to use and does not require the help of an expert.
  • It is effortless to detect if there is any plagiarism in the text.
  • Offers additional services such as grammar, spelling, and punctuation to sentences, all of which make your writing appear more professional.
  • It gives different options of words that do your writing best and ensures that terms and vocabulary are used correctly.
  • It helps in improving the quality of writing.
  • This online tool also helps in reducing grammatical errors in a document.
  • Simplifies the language used and removes all the irrelevant words.
  • It gives suggestions on the better wording to use.
  • It helps in fixing typing errors. Errors are prone to happen when writing, but with the help of this free tool, you will be able to correct all the typing errors that occurred in your writing.
  • All the words that have been misspelled are detected, and the correct alternatives are given.
  • It is available in different formats, and the easiest way to use it so to add it to your computer extension so that it can make writing much more accessible.
  • Has good customer support that is always ready to help the clients at any given time.
  • It Shows synonyms that you can use to increase the quality of your work.
  • Offers an intuitive user interface.


Everything that has an advantage has a disadvantage. Some of the cons of using this tool include the following;

  • It can at times suggest an alternative to a word that you did not intend to use. This is why you should pay attention when correcting the grammar and typing errors and look keenly to ensure that you are replacing a word with the correct alternative.
  • You have to follow through with your work step by step to ensure that the corrective suggestion that you have been given fits well in the content you have written.
  • If your internet connection becomes unstable and reloads your browser, then the document will appear as though it has been fully corrected. This is why you need to be a little patient when the connection becomes unstable.

Frequently Ask Qustions

This is a section that you will find in everything that you want. For instance, the FAQ section regarding the passive to active voice converter is important as it allows the developers of this website to determine what the users of this platform are thinking and how to improve the efficiency of the platform to make it better.

Also, through the FAQ section, you can easily know the features that you need to have and the challenges that users are facing.


  • Why should I use passive to active voice software?

    There are many reasons why you might want to use passive to active voice software. For one, using the active voice can help you make your writing more concise. Additionally, the active voice sounds more natural than the passive voice, so using this type of software can help you make sure that your writing sounds more polished and professional.

  • What are some tips for using the passive to active voice converter tool?

    Here are some tips for using the passive to active voice converter tool:

    • Make sure that your sentence is in passive voice before you begin. You can check this by looking for a "to be" verb, such as "is", "are", "was", or "were".
    • Be sure to proofread your sentence after you have converted it to active voice. This will help you ensure that everything is correct.
  • How can I use the passive to active voice converter tool?

    To use the passive-to-active voice converter tool, simply enter your sentence into the text box and click on the "Convert" button. The tool will then analyze your sentence and convert it into active voice.

  • Who can use this active voice checker?

    It can be used by anyone who wants to improve on his or her grammar and sentence structure.

  • Does this passive voice converter tool offer great results?

    Overall, this online tool is the best for those who want to improve on their grammar and structure their sentences well using the right tone. When using this tool, you are guaranteed of getting good results.

  • What are the benefits of using this Passive to Active Voice Converter tool?

    This online grammar checker offers additional benefits to improve the user experience while on this platform, and that cannot be achieved through manually correcting a document. This online tool helps you in checking your vocabulary to ensure that your text looks professional.

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